Mary Ng
Hon. Mary Ng
Member of Parliament for Markham—Thornhill
News Release - MPs Mary Ng and Shaun Chen to Join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in China
December 1, 2017


Trip to focus on bilateral and commercial ties including progressive trade opportunities

December 1, 2017 – Markham, ON – Today, Mary Ng, Member of Parliament for Markham-Thornhill and Shaun Chen, Member of Parliament for Scarborough North, held a joint press conference at the Markham Board of Trade to discuss the Prime Minister’s upcoming trip to China.

Joined by representatives from Markham’s business community, including Huawei Canada and academic institutions, including Seneca College and York University, Ms. Ng shared her goal of ensuring that Markham remains a beneficiary of strengthened economic ties and partnerships to China.

“As one of Canada’s most diverse cities and Canada’s Hi-Tech capital, Markham is uniquely positioned to benefit from a strengthened economic relationship with China,” said MP Mary Ng. “Businesses in Markham and across Canada will benefit from access to the world’s second biggest market to diversify, create jobs and grow the middle class”

MP Ng also reiterated the government goal of helping Canada’s academic institutions continue to attract top academic talent, as well as new opportunities for international student recruitment and exchanges through a stronger relationship with China.

Ms. Ng and Mr. Chen will join Prime Minister Trudeau from Dec 3 to 7th as he meets with the Chinese government and business leaders to build on the progress that the two countries have made since the Prime Minister’s first official visit to China in September 2016. Prime Minister Trudeau is expected to promote a progressive trade agenda and tourism initiatives that will create good, middle class jobs and more opportunities for people in both countries.  In advance of the trip, the Prime Minister also stated that a closer relationship means more opportunity to hold regular, frank dialogue on human rights issues like good governance, freedom of speech, and the rule of law.


[fancyquote text='“The Prime Minister’ s trip is an excellent opportunity to explore increased economic ties between China and Canada and how that can create jobs and grow the middle class here at home. This is great news for the business and academic community in Markham and across Canada.”' name='Mary Ng' title='Member of Parliament for Markham-Thornhill']

[fancyquote text='I am honoured to join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his upcoming visit to China. As the world’s second largest economy, China is a market with significant opportunities for growth. The potential economic benefits of a stronger relationship between our two countries will help Canadian businesses, grow our middle class, create new jobs, and increase our shared prosperity.”' name='Shaun Chen' title='Member of Parliament for Scarborough North']

“The City of Markham has developed a strong and successful relationship with China. Markham has benefited significantly from the large population base of Chinese business owners that call Markham home. We welcome and applaud the opportunity for the Canadian government to continue to explore ways to increase opportunities for large multi-national businesses, as well to grow tourism which will greatly benefit local small and medium businesses.”

—Richard Cunningham, President, Markham Board of Trade

"Huawei Canada supports the efforts to promote positive trade business partnerships between Canada and China. We are proud of our Canadian footprint, the investments we are making to support Canada’s ICT ecosystem, and the innovative technologies we are bringing to Canadian consumers and small businesses.  This is helping to create jobs and sustain Canada’s leadership in communications.”

—Steve Lu, President, Huawei Canada

“Seneca is delighted to support the federal government's ongoing work to strengthen relations with China. We have seen the positive impact in our classrooms and value the many partnerships that Seneca has developed in China, which have led to strong international student recruitment, faculty exchanges and education consulting opportunities.”

—David Agnew, President, Seneca College

“Like the Canadian Government, York University believes strongly in the value of creating international partnerships with countries like China, which help to facilitate important research and scholarly collaborations and student and faculty exchanges. We currently have 37 academic agreements with leading Chinese universities, and these types of agreements have positioned York University as a leader in research that crosses disciplinary, cultural and national boundaries. Our new Markham Centre Campus, set to open in the Fall of 2021, supports our commitment to increase access to a high-quality, research-intensive university education and to enhance our connectedness to local and international communities like China. This new campus, together with our state-of-the-art YSpace community engagement centre, will contribute actively to city-building in the region and to growing the talent and innovation ecosystem through collaborative research partnerships with Markham, York Region, Ontario, Canada and the world.”

—Rhonda L. Lenton, President & Vice-Chancellor, York University

“The City of Markham in York Region is one of the most diverse and innovative communities in Canada, with the highest concentration of technology companies in Canada. We believe that stronger Canada-China ties will grow the critical talent pipeline for tech entrepreneurs and global high-tech multinationals both regionally and nationally”.

Jeremy Laurin, President and CEO, ventureLAB

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