Mary Ng
Hon. Mary Ng
Member of Parliament for Markham—Thornhill
Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade and Economic Development

Hon. Mary Ng, Minister of  Export Promotion, International Trade and Economic Development

“From the beginning of this pandemic, Canadians have faced a once-in-a-century challenge. And through it all, from coast to coast to coast, people have met the moment. When it mattered most, Canadians adapted, helped one another, and stayed true to our values of compassion, courage and determination. That is what has defined our path through this pandemic so far. And that is what will pave our way forward.

 As Minister, I expect you to include and collaborate with various communities, and actively seek out and incorporate in your work, the diverse views of Canadians. This includes women, Indigenous Peoples, Black and racialized Canadians, newcomers, faith-based communities, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ2 Canadians, and, in both official languages. We will work to build a brighter future through continued collaboration, engagement, and the use of science and evidence-based decision-making. With an unwavering focus on delivering results, we will work constructively with Parliamentarians and maintain our strong partnerships with provincial, territorial and municipal governments and Indigenous partners. This decade has had an incredibly difficult start, but this is the moment to rebuild a more resilient, inclusive and stronger country for everyone. ” 

— The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,
Prime Minister of Canada


With the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, work to strengthen and secure supply chains, including through the Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership, and pursue opportunities more broadly for market diversification and trade facilitating infrastructure. Your efforts will be complemented by work led by the Minister of Transport to reduce and prevent supply chain bottlenecks in Canada’s transportation network. This work will be supported by the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities and the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.


Continue to advance Canada’s global leadership on critical minerals by working with international partners and allies, including through implementation of the Canada–U.S. Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration and the Canada-EU Strategic Partnership on Raw Materials in order to develop and secure supply chains for the critical minerals needed to enable a transition to a low-carbon economy and support advanced technology and manufacturing. This work will be coordinated with the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

In collaboration with relevant ministers, lead Canada’s efforts to combat protectionism, unfair trade practices, and economic coercion around the world. You will work with international partners, advance our export diversification strategy, and ensure that Canadian workers and businesses receive necessary support. You will also engage the United States to address bilateral trade issues and protectionist measures, including with respect to government procurement and in the automotive, energy, and agricultural sectors.

Work with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to continue Canada’s leadership on the global effort to phase out coal-powered electricity and the mining of thermal coal and ban thermal coal exports from and through Canada as swiftly as possible, and no later than 2030.


Establish a new federal hub to help Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs take full advantage of the opportunities created by trade agreements.


Continue to implement the new Canada Digital Adoption Program to help small and medium-sized businesses seize the opportunities of the digital economy, including by:

    • Providing microgrants to smaller businesses to offset the costs of new technology;
    • Offering zero-interest loans to finance larger technology adoption projects; and
    • Creating training and work opportunities for as many as 28,000 young people so they can assist small and medium-sized businesses in adopting new technology.


Continue pursuing free trade opportunities and advancing Canada’s export diversification strategy for the benefit of Canadian consumers and businesses by:

    • Developing a strategy for economic cooperation across Africa, including support for the African Continental Free Trade Area, facilitation of increased infrastructure investment and expansion of partnerships in research and innovation;
    • Reinforcing economic cooperation in our hemisphere, including by continuing enhanced trade engagement with the Pacific Alliance and pursuing bilateral trade agreements with key partners;
    • Negotiating, as part of a new Indo-Pacific strategy, new bilateral and regional trade agreements, expanding Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements and building stronger economic linkages; and
    • Advancing negotiations with the United Kingdom towards a fully realized Canada-UK Trade Agreement.
Building off our success in negotiating new free trade agreements, lead their continued implementation to ensure they benefit Canadian consumers and businesses.


To protect Canadian supply chains and ensure that Canada’s trading relationships are mutually beneficial economic relationships, work with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to introduce a reciprocal procurement policy that will ensure goods and services are procured from countries that grant Canadian businesses a similar level of market access.


Continue to promote open and rules-based trade regimes around the globe, including by extending Canada’s leadership of the Ottawa Group on World Trade Organization reform and by advancing Canada’s inclusive free trade agenda.


Continue to advance foreign investment attraction measures that position Canada as a top destination for global investment and promote our economic brand, while balancing Canada’s national interests.


With the support of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, help Canadian cultural industries succeed at home and abroad by issuing a mandate to the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and Export Development Canada (EDC) to support the growth of creative industries in existing and new markets.


To ensure that a whole-of-government approach is taken, support the Minister of Labour in introducing legislation to eradicate forced labour from Canadian supply chains and ensure that Canadian businesses operating abroad do not contribute to human rights abuses.


Enhance and expand Canada’s Responsible Business Conduct strategy and provide continued support to the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise to ensure Canadian companies and Crown corporations uphold the highest environmental and social standards of corporate governance.


In support of comprehensive action to achieve a Just Transition, help ensure that workers and communities prosper as we move to net-zero by working with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to establish a Futures Fund for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador that will support local and regional economic diversification and place-based strategies. You will be supported in this work by the Ministers responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Prairies Economic Development Canada, the Minister of Rural Economic Development and the Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance.


Expand the Canada Small Business Financing Program to provide a greater range of supports to small businesses, including increased maximum loan amounts and loan coverage, expanded borrower eligibility to include non-profit and charitable social enterprises, a new line of credit, and expanded loan class eligibility to include lending against intellectual property and start-up assets and expenses.


Create a community stream to the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy’s Ecosystem Fund to support smaller community-level organizations providing mentorship to diverse women, and work to ensure the definition of ‘entrepreneur’ across government is inclusive and includes small and medium-sized businesses that operate in the care economy, retail and service sectors. You will be supported in this work by the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth.


Support the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry in helping to drive the development of Canadian clean technology companies and small and medium-sized enterprises working in the area of decarbonization.


Support the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food to provide full and fair compensation to supply-managed sectors with respect to the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).


Strengthen Canada’s economic recovery and the long-term economic development of regions across Canada by convening and coordinating the Ministers responsible for the Regional Development Agencies to promote a cohesive approach through the sharing of best practices and leverage expertise and capabilities, as appropriate.


Create a strategy to support entrepreneurs in official language minority communities through the Regional Development Agencies, working with the Minister of Official Languages and Ministers responsible for Regional Development Agencies.

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