Mary Ng
Hon. Mary Ng
Member of Parliament for Markham—Thornhill
In Our Community

June 2024

Markham, Richmond Hill & Vaughan Chinese Business Association’s Outstanding Women Awards Gala

It’s important to honour the amazing contributions women make to our country every day, which is why I was honoured to speak at the Markham, Richmond Hill & Vaughan Chinese Business Association’s Outstanding Women Awards Gala. Together, we celebrated the remarkable achievements of inspiring women in our communities.

June 2024

Mon Sheong Fun Run & Walk

At today’s Mon Sheong Fun Run & Walk, I joined my constituents in lacing up our sneakers to raise some money for a new long-term care centre right here in Markham. It was great to hear about the REACH for Aging Well program, a federal initiative providing $2 million in funding over 5 years to support seniors. Congratulations to the Mon Sheong Foundation for 60 years of making a difference in our community.

June 2024

Eid al-Adha

Muslims in Canada and around the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha and marking the end of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Family and faith are important during difficult times. As Muslim communities celebrate Eid with kindness, selflessness, and charity, let us remember that these values are also Canadian values. Eid Mubarak!


June 2024

Canada Day Coloring Page 

Celebrate Canada Day with some fun! Please download your Canada Day coloring page by clicking the following link: 

Canada Day Coloring Page

June 2024

Free Canada Day Lawn Signs!

Canada day is right around the corner, and our office is providing free Canada Day lawn signs to help you get in the spirit!

Residents of Markham-Thornhill can reserve their sign by calling 905-479-8100, or emailing [email protected]. Get yours today while supplies last!


June 2024

Tamil Senior's Roundtable 

It was great to work with Councillor @juanita_nathan to bring together Tamil seniors from Markham-Thornhill to talk about Canada’s Dental Care Plan. Supporting seniors has been a top priority for our government since 2015, and it was fantastic to speak with them directly about how this dental program can help them. My amazing employee Santhana also delivered a presentation about Canada’s Dental Care Plan to the seniors in their own language - Tamil!

May 2024

East Metal Dynamics Visit With Minister Sajjan

You won’t believe what East Metal Dynamics is doing in the GTA! Minister Sajjan and I got a sneak peek into their state-of-the-art facility that’s creating jobs and exporting Canadian products worldwide.

May 2024

Visit to Scarborough Gurdwara With Minister Sajjan

Today, I visited the Scarborough Gurdwara with Minister Sajjan. Since its inception, the Gurdwara has been unwavering in its dedication to serving langar and supporting the community without judgment. 

May 2024

Visit to Reena & Celebrating Jewish Heritage Month!

The month of May is Jewish Heritage Month! I can’t think of a better place to be than to visit Reena to see those who live there and their families.
Reena was founded by parents of children with disabilities and its grown to become a beacon of hope and compassion.
For over five decades, they have championed compassion for all the remarkable individuals they serve, providing a safe space for them to learn and grow.
Congratulations to Reena for securing $406,000 in funding from the federal government through the dementia strategic fund!

May 2024

Visit to Markham Fire Station 92

I’m here at Markham Fire Station 92 today to meet with Chief Nearing, Deputy Chiefs, and the dedicated team. Together, we’re diving into the vital work of Markham Fire across Markham-Thornhill and the City of Markham.

May 2024

Red Shirt Day 

Today is #RedShirtDay, where people across Canada wear red to show support for people with disabilities. Wearing #RedForAccessAbility signifies a commitment to removing physical and systemic barriers to inclusion in our communities.

May 2024

Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day

May 18 is Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day. On this day, we honour the victims and survivors of the genocide at Mullivaikal. Our government is committed to always advocate for justice and accountability for the crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the conflict.

May 2024

Vyshyvanka Day

May 16th marks Vyshyvanka Day, a significant cultural event celebrated by Ukrainians worldwide. The Vyshyvanka is a symbol of Ukrainian national identity and unity, a vibrant expression of Ukrainian heritage, and a testament to the country’s rich history and traditions. Today is a day to show solidarity with Ukrainians - Canada stands with Ukraine!


May 2024

Upcoming Federal Payment Dates

Hey Markham-Thornhill! Let’s take a look at the upcoming federal benefit payment dates that Canadians can look forward to this May:
May 17th: Canada Child Benefit (CCB)  
May 29th: Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)  
May 30th: Veteran Disability Pension

May 2024

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy and all the moms today. May you be cherished today and every day for all you do. Love ❤️


May 2024

Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day

It was an honour to observe a moment of silence and place a flower in recognition of the tens of thousands who lost their lives in the Tamil Genocide.
In 2022, the Canadian Parliament unanimously adopted a motion that recognizes the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. I encourage everyone to learn more about the impact of armed conflict in Sri Lanka and express solidarity with all who suffered.


May 2024

Holocaust Remembrance Day

From sundown on Sunday, May 5th to sundown on Monday, May 6th, Jewish communities in Canada and around the world will observe Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day we honour the memory of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945 and pay tribute to the courage of the survivors and liberators. I encourage everyone to commemorate Yom HaShoah and to continue supporting efforts to combat antisemitism and discrimination.

May 2024

Happy Orthodox Easter!

Happy Orthodox Easter! Thank you to my wonderful constituents in Markham-Thornhill for inviting me to celebrate with them, I was honoured to participate. I’m sending warm wishes to all Orthodox Christians in our communities across Canada. This sacred holiday holds profound significance to Orthodox Christians, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and symbolizing hope, renewal, and the triumph of light over darkness.

May 2024

Jewish Heritage Month 

May is Canadian Jewish Heritage Month, a time for honouring our Jewish community. Canada is home to the fourth-largest Jewish population in the world and our country has benefitted greatly from their contributions to the nation’s social, economic, political, and cultural fabric.
We are committed to supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing Canadians’ understanding and awareness of the Holocaust and Antisemitism. We encourage all Canadians to reflect upon and learn more about the inspirational role that Jewish Canadians have played and continue to play in communities across the country during #CanadianJewishHeritageMonth.


May 2024

Asian Heritage Month 

Today, marks the beginning of Asian Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the countless contributions of Asian Canadians.
Wishing everyone a happy first day of #AsianHeritageMonth today!


April 2024

Happy Passover!

As we mark the beginning of Passover, I extend my heartfelt greetings to my Jewish constituents in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada.
Passover is a time of profound reflection – a commemoration of the Israelites' journey from slavery to freedom. It's a powerful reminder of the enduring human spirit and the fight for justice.
This holiday also brings families and communities together to cherish cherished traditions and share delicious meals. May your Seder tables be filled with laughter, meaningful conversations, and a renewed sense of hope.
Wishing you all a joyous Passover! Chag Pesach Sameach!

April 2024

Eid Celebration with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada

Great to gather with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada and the Muslim community, along with Justin Trudeau, to celebrate Eid.
Eid is a special time for a Muslim’s - a time to celebrate with a focus on the values of gratitude, charity, and compassion for those in need. We know that this year, as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to unfold, Eid comes at a particularly challenging time. For all of us, Eid provides an opportunity to recognize the many contributions that Canada’s Muslim communities have made and continue to make to our country.


April 2024

Happy Vaisakhi!

I love my riding of Markham-Thornhill and even more celebrating with the people that make up our incredible community. We are diverse and inclusive and we proudly wear it on our sleeves! I visited our local Gurdwara Gursikh Sabha , a place that welcomes me as one of their own, to celebrate Vaisakhi and Sikh Heritage Month. The energy was wonderful with families coming together expressing gratitude, seeking blessings of unity, togetherness and prosperity. A highlight of my Gurdwara visits is always “langar”, being in the community kitchen serving food and seeing the generosity of countless volunteers who cook, serve and maintain the kitchen doing “seva” (act of selfless services).I then visited Arya Samaj Markham, affectionately known as “Vedic” for their Vaisakhi celebrations! What a wonderful experience of community, colours, dances and performances. Happy Vaisakhi Markham-Thornhill!




April 2024

Happy Puthandu!

Tamils across Canada and around the world are celebrating Puthandu, which is the New Year in the Tamil calendar. Puthandu is an important symbol of renewal and hope and a joyous occasion that includes religious ceremonies, traditional foods, gift giving, and cultural activities. Happy Puthandu for all those celebrating.


April 2024

Constituency Youth Council Climate Change Roundtable 

I was pleased to connect with our Constituency Youth Council yesterday, to discuss their insights on tackling climate change. As we gear up for the 2024 federal budget, it’s vital to prioritize youth voices in our shared efforts to build a sustainable future for all Canadians. Their perspectives drive our collective action towards a greener, fairer tomorrow.



April 2024

York University Eid Fundraiser

I had an incredible evening with my dear friend, Khalid Usman, at his Eid Dinner, surrounded by the wonderful members of our community. Co-hosted by Mayor Frank Scarpitti, this event allowed us to come together to support York University’s Markham Campus fundraising efforts. What better way to conclude Ramadan than with generosity and unity! Huge gratitude to the Pakistani-Canadian community and all who contributed, making this event truly unforgettable.
Let’s cherish this Eid celebration as we forge ahead towards brighter educational opportunities and address the important issues facing our Canadian Muslim community together!

March 2024

Happy Easter!

Today, Christians across Canada and around the world are celebrating Easter.
Easter is a time to gather, reflect, spend quality time with our families, and lend a hand to those who need it most. It’s also a season for cherished traditions such as Easter egg hunts, symbolizing new life and joy. To all those celebrating - Happy Easter!


March 2024

Eid Mubarak!

Embracing the spirit of togetherness and gratitude as we celebrate Eid. Wishing all who celebrate a joyous and memorable Eid filled with love and blessings! Eid Mubarak!



March 2024

Nowruz Mubarak!

During Nowruz, people from Markham-Thornhill and around the world gather together to celebrate the New Year, and new beginnings. To all who celebrate, I hope Nowruz brings you a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the year ahead. Happy Nowruz!


March 2024

Chinatown Visit in Victoria, BC

A heartwarming visit to Canada’s oldest and first Chinatown in Victoria, a symbol of resiliency that is the history of Chinese Canadians. Thank you to the Chinese Canadian Museum and Victoria Chinatown Museum Society for the tour!

March 2024

Building More Homes In Markham 

We’re building more homes, more quickly. Today’s announcement is about getting it done for the people of Markham and delivering real results for our community. We are:
✅ Investing $59 million in Markham.
✅ Building 1,640 new homes in the next three years.
✅ Building 6,635 homes over the next decade.


March 2024

Celebrating the Start of Ramadan

Tomorrow, Muslims across Canada and around the world mark the first day of Ramadan, a holy month of prayer, reflection and fasting. Ramadan is a month of selflessness, compassion and generosity, emphasizing acts of charity and kindness towards others.
Wishing everyone celebrating a blessed month filled with peace, blessings and joy. Ramadan Mubarak!


March 2024

Canadian Tamil's Chamber of Commerce Women's Day Expo  

Thrilled to celebrate International Women's Day with Canadian Tamils' Chamber of Commerce - CTCC, honouring the power and strength of women everywhere!


March 2024

International Women's Day 


February 2024

Mayor Frank Scarpitti's Chinese New Year Dinner 

Happy Lunar New Year Markham!
What a joy it was to join Frank Scarpitti CNY Gala alongside Hon. Dr. Helena Jaczek and Paul Chiang, as well as other esteemed colleagues, to celebrate the Year of the Dragon! These gatherings are truly special, as they highlight our wonderfully diverse community. Witnessing firsthand the spirit of collaboration as we come together with all levels of government to shape a more inclusive and promising future for Markham makes me proud.
Wishing all of you health, happiness, and prosperity in this New Year of the Dragon.


February 2024

Net Zero Community Centre Announcement 

Community buildings unite people, fostering vibrant neighborhoods! Today at Thornhill Community Centre, alongside Frank Scarpitti and Hon. Dr. Helena Jaczek, I announced a federal investment of $2.3 million that can be used for energy-efficient retrofits, including new heating and lighting systems. RJ Clatworthy Arena will receive $1.2 million for building upgrades. These spaces host cultural events, family gatherings and host a variety of Markham’s sports leagues, such as hockey and basketball.
Today’s $5.8 million announcement from the Federal Green and Inclusive Community Buildings initiative will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 580 tonnes, equivalent to removing 130 cars from the road annually! These projects align with Markham’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


February 2024

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto Celebration 

What an amazing start to the Year of the Dragon at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto!
It was so great to see all of you and celebrate Lunar New Year. Here's to wishing everyone health, happiness, and prosperity in this new year!


February 2024

Lunar New Year at Parliament Hill

Thank you Markham-Thornhill for visiting Ottawa to celebrate Lunar New Year, it was truly heartwarming.
Each day, I work hard to represent my constituents and to be their voice in Ottawa - it was terrific to show them around Parliament Hill.


February 2024

HuaDu Association of Toronto Lunar New Year Celebration

A heartfelt thank you to the HuaDu Association of Toronto and everyone that made this Lunar New Year celebration truly remarkable! Let’s cherish our traditions, embrace diversity, and foster connections as we look forward to this year’s celebration and year of the Dragon.


February 2024

Black Entrepreneurs

Our government is committed to helping Black Entrepreneurs access new opportunities and tap into new markets, breaking down barriers they may face.
Today, Arielle Kayabaga and I heard the challenges faced by Black Entrepreneurs and their priorities as we help them access new markets. We also discussed our commitment to keep growing our trading relationship with African nations.
We committed to creating new opportunities for black entrepreneurs and breaking down barriers so that they have fair opportunities to succeed.


February 2024

Black History Month

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month!
This month serves as an opportunity to learn more about the resilient and vibrant heritage of Black Canadians, and celebrate the contributions of the countless Black trailblazers have played in shaping our country. Our government continues to make investments towards Black communities to keep breaking down systemic barriers. We will always support black communities in Canada.

February 2024

Lunar New Year

Wishing all communities celebrating a Happy Lunar New Year! May this Year of The Dragon bring prosperity and happiness to us all. 


January 2024

National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack 

Today, on National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action against Islamophobia, we honour the memory of the six people who were killed and the 19 others who were injured during the attack at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec in Sainte-Foy. We will always remember them.
Canada has seen alarming increases in racism and Islamaphobia in recent months. We will continue working hard to combat Islamophobia and address barriers faced by Muslim communities. We will continue to work closely with the Muslim community to build safer and more inclusive Canada for all.
Hatred and Islamaphobia have no place in Canada, and never will.

January 2024

Holocaust Remembrance Day 

January 27th marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we solemnly remember the over 6 million Jewish people who were systematically persecuted and murdered by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. On this day, we honour and remember the victims and survivors. We stand united in solidarity with the Jewish community.
In recent months, we have seen an alarming rise in anti-semitism. Our government will always stand with the Jewish community and always fight against anti-semitism.


January 2024

New Years Levee

A big thank you to everyone who came out for my New Year's Levee 2024!
This event is such a fun way to kick off the year, bringing together the fantastic people of Markham-Thornhill and highlighting some incredible talent so we can celebrate as a community.

January 2024

Chinese-Canadian Communities Across Canada

Whether in business, in the community, as educators, artists, professionals or essential workers and so much more, Chinese-Canadians contribute so much to Canada.
Great to meet with the incredible Chinese-Canadian community in Edmonton, and listen to their ideas for building a stronger Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.


January 2024

Remembering Pierre Bocti

It is with a heavy heart that we extend our deepest condolences on the passing of our dedicated community member, Pierre Bocti. Pierre served his community and his country with compassion.

Our hearts are with the Bocti family, and with everyone who loved him.



January 2024

Small Business Spotlight 

Welcome FilomenaTassi to Markham-Thorhill. A couple of amazing #smallbiz gave you a taste of local hospitality!
From Hong Kong style milk tea from Chrisly Cafe to delicious buns and egg tarts from Baker Duck, one word - YUMMY!


January 2024

Happy Thai Pongal

Today, Tamils in here in Markham-Thornhill, and around the world celebrate the start of Thai Pongal.
During this time, Tamils enjoy spending time with family and friends, offering prayer, cooking, and sharing Pongal, a sweet dish made with rice, milk, and raw cane sugar. (jaggery)
Wishing everyone celebrating a safe and joyous Thai Pongal! Iniya Pongal Nalvazhthukkal.


January 2024

Happy Lohri

Happy Lohri!
Wishing you everyone in Markham-Thornhill and aross Canada a harvest of joy and prosperity! May the vibrant flames of the bonfire bring in positivity, and the rhythmic beats of the dhol fill
your hearts with happiness.



January 2024

Happy Orthodox Christmas

On this special day, Orthodox communities in Canada and around the world will come together and unite in celebration of Christmas.
Wishing everyone a joyous and blessed Christmas filled with the warmth of family, the richness of traditions, and the spirit of togetherness!



January 2024

Tamil Heritage Month

Canada is home to a vibrant and diverse Tamil community that has contributed immensely to our country.
As Tamil Heritage Month begins this week, let’s celebrate and learn more about Tamil culture and the many achievements of Tamil Canadians in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada.

December 2023

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice - a time of renewal and family reunion.
Yesterday, families gathered to celebrate by eating “poon choi” known as a big bowl feast, a cherished Chinese-Canadian tradition that especially our seniors enjoyed along with blessings of togetherness. Hoping that you and your family celebrated a winter solstice filled with warmth and joy. Happy Winter Solstice!

December 2023

Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight at sunset, Jewish families in Canada and around the world celebrate Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights.
Chag Hanukkah Sameach to our Jewish community in Markham-Thornhill and may the next 8 days bring you hope, joy and peace.

December 2023

Markham Santa Claus Parade

The holiday spirit was in full swing at this morning’s Markham Santa Claus Parade! Great to see so many familiar smiling faces as we celebrate the festivities!
Happy holidays!

November 2023


Today, Hindus in Canada and around the world will come together to celebrate the festival of lights - or Diwali.
Diwali signifies good overcoming evil and light overcoming darkness, a message that is more important now than ever. I joined the Hindu community at Sanatan Mandir in Markham to celebrate and light beautiful diyas.
Wishing all those celebrating today a Happy Diwali!


November 2023

Remembrance Day

Our freedoms and our democracy that we enjoy today are because of the courageous and many sacrifices of our veterans.
Here in Markham, we gathered today to remember the many veterans who paid the ultimate price for our peace. We will always remember. Lest we forget!


October 2023


Tonight marks the beginning of Navratri.

One of the most important dates in the Hindu calendar, Navratri brings family and friends and community together for a celebration filled with singing, dancing and prayer.

Wishing all who celebrate a joyful Navratri!

September 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival

Yom Kippur

At sundown, Jewish Canadians in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada will begin observing Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.

Wishing all Jewish Canadians a G'Mar Chatima Tova.

Rosh Hashanah

Happy New Year to the Jewish community in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada who are celebrating #RoshHashanah. May this year bring you good health and happiness. Shanah Tova!


Landed For Success Business Expo

The Landed for Success Business Expo brought together entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and leaders from so many walks of life to network and support each other’s success.
Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of Markham-Thornhill and communities across Canada, and it was great to hear from so many local leaders that are making a real impact.
Our government will always have the backs of businesses, because when businesses grow, communities thrive.

August 2023

Roundtable discussion with the Markham-Thornhill Tamil Canadian community

Had a lively roundtable discussion with Tamil Canadian business leaders and young professionals on the issues that matter to the Tamil Canadian community here in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada.
From working to make life more affordable for the middle-class families here at home to supporting seniors & youth and standing up for human rights abroad, our government is committed to addressing the important issues raised today.
There are plenty of politicians content with pointing out problems, but our government listens to Canadians and works to find solutions. Let’s work together to build a brighter future for everyone.

Celebrating another successful year of the Canada Summer Jobs program

The Canada Summer Jobs program is all about helping young people gain valuable work experience.
This summer, I joined a group of students and employers to celebrate the accomplishments of over 320 youth who participated this year in Markham-Thornhill. I also thanked the employees for their hard work and for providing the experiences.
We all remember our 1st jobs! They show us what we like, what we don’t, help us find our passion and shape our careers. These experiences matter, and our government will continue the important Canada Summer Jobs Program for young Canadians.

Islamic Society of Markham Fair

Great turnout at this year's ISM fair! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with #TeamNg!

India Independence Day

Indo-Canadians have helped shape Canada and their contributions - both cultural and economic - are felt in communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
To all my Indo-Canadian friends and neighbors, and to all Indo-Canadians who are celebrating today, Happy 76th Independence Day!
Pakistan Independence Day
In Markham-Thornhill and across Canada, Pakistani Canadians gathered yesterday with friends and neighbors to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day.
Pakistani Canadians have a rich history and continue to make a positive impact in communities across our country.
Thank you for all you do, and happy 76th Independence Day!

Talking with Constituents and visiting Paul Chiang's Community BBQ

Nothing feels better than being back in Markham. From dropping in to visit @PaulChiangmu at his Community BBQ, to meeting with the hard working volunteers of the Markham-Thornhill Riding Association and finally capping it by talking with constituents! #goknockdoors!

July 2023

Celebrating youth making a difference in our community

Congratulations to Meilun Yu of our Markham-Thornhill Youth Council and her sister Meihuan Yu for their outstanding work to support newcomers by creating a sense of community through the arts.

This is exactly what Markham-Thornhill is all about. One of the most diverse ridings in Canada, we know diversity is a fact, but inclusivity is a choice.

Thank you both for your outstanding leadership, kindness, and your commitment to making Markham-Thornhill a more inclusive place - for everyone.

Remembering Black July

I joined members of the Tamil Canadian community and the National Council of Canadian Tamils to remember and reflect on the genocide faced by the Tamil community in Sri Lanka 40 years ago. The horrors of the anti-Tamil pogrom of 1983 left a deep wound for Tamil communities across the world, but despite attempts to silence the Tamil fight for accountability, justice and equality, the response was one of strength and activism - a demonstration of Tamil resilience worldwide.

Community BBQ

This year's Markham-Thornhill community BBQ was one for the books!
The weather was fantastic, and it was great to see so many friends and neighbours – new and old – out enjoying the wonderful festivities, performances and food.
Markham-Thornhill is an incredible place to live because of the great people that choose to call it home. Thank you all for coming out today, and for all you do to make our community such a special place!

Discussing the ongoing conflict in Sudan with leaders from St. Mark Coptic Church

Father Kyrillos, Father Ammonius and H.G. Bishop Archilides are leaders in the St. Mark Coptic Church and our community.
Today, I met with them to discuss the important work our government is doing to support the people of Sudan as they face ongoing civil unrest.
We responded swiftly to help Canadians in Sudan, matched donations made to the Humanitarian Coaltion up to $5 million to ensure the Sudanese receive essential lifesaving aid, and continue to call for an end to the violence.
I want to thank both Fathers for taking the time to discuss this most important issue, and thank the Coptic Christian community for their ongoing contributions to Markham-Thornhill and Canada.

Celebrating our Diversity!

Great to see Markham's rich diversity being celebrated during the Saree Ethnic Wear Walkathon.

No matter who we are, how we dress, or what we believe in, we are all Canadian.
Let’s keep celebrating our diversity, and the many contributions of people from all backgrounds to Markham-Thornhill and Canada.

June 2023

Happy Guru Purnima!

On this day of celebration, Hindu and Buddhist communities across the world pay respect and show gratitude to their gurus, teachers and mentors. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to share their wisdom to help us in our journeys of education and growth.

Happy Canada Day!

Reflecting on Pride Season

As we reflect on Pride this year, it warms my heart to see our community members in Markham and York Region come together to support each other. To Kingsley, Carmen and your whole family, I commend your bravery and stand with you in your fight for love. Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice - this is what Markham’s all about!


Taste of Asia

Markham’s annual Taste of Asia celebration is always one for the books. It was great to connect with friends and neighbors old and new, enjoy some delicious food, and celebrate the rich and vibrant culture of Asian Canadians!
A big thank you to Dr. Ken Ng, the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham - FCCM and Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada (APMC) for bringing our community out for such a fantastic event!

All Community Games

Nothing brings people together quite like sports.
That’s why the Markham All Community Games uses the power of sport to bring together people from diverse backgrounds through friendly competition - all with the goal of building bridges and strengthening our community.
Thank you to All Community Games for inviting us out for some friendly competition and fun!

Canadian Youth Champions (CYC)

Our youth are the future of Markham-Thornhill, and from the accomplishments of the students at today’s Canadian Youth Champions signature event, that future is very bright!
A huge thank you to the entire Canada Youth Champions team for showcasing the incredible diversity and talent of the youth in our community, and for a great discussion on the importance of fostering inclusivity across Canada!

National AcesssAbility Week

When we remove barriers to accessibility, everybody wins.
That’s why our government is committed to making life better for people living with disabilities here in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada. We have provided thousands in direct funding to support Cherish Integrated Services - an amazing non-profit that supports people living with developmental disabilities in our community - and we’re charting a path to make Canada barrier-free by 2040 through our Accessibility Action Plan.
We believe it's possible for everyone to have a fair shot at life – and we will will keep working to transform this aspiration from a possibility to practice.
Happy National AccessAbility Week! #NAAW2023

World Enviornment Day

On #WorldEnvironmentDay, and every day, our government recognizes that you can’t address the challenges posed by climate change with wishful thinking and bumper sticker slogans. That’s why we’re taking direct action – we have invested over 100$ billion towards climate action and clean growth since and 2015.

While Conservatives play politics with our children’s future, we will keep doing the work to lower our emissions and attract the green jobs of the future to Canada – because that’s what Canadians expect us to do.

Order your Canada Day lawn sign today! 

Canada Day is just around the corner! Reserve your lawn sign today by giving our team a call at 905-479-8100 or by sending us an email at [email protected]

100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act

While today we celebrate a vibrant and dynamic Asian Canadian culture, that wasn’t always the case. 100 years ago, the Chinese Immigration Act (also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act) was enacted and was used to racially profile and discriminate, prevented new Chinese immigrants from entering Canada and also reinforced negative stereotypes and prejudices against the Chinese community.
This was a dark time in Canada's past, but one that is important to acknowledge so that history never repeats itself. Today in Markham, we stood in solidarity against anti-Asian racism as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act. It can’t stop here. Today, and every day, we must always call out hate for what it is – to create a better and more inclusive future for generations to come.

Taste of Asia 

The Taste of Asia Reception in Ottawa is one I look forward to each year! Thank you to the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham - FCCM, the Canadian Federation of Intercultural Friendship (CFIF), the Canadian Hindu Cultural Center (CHCC), the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada (APMC), Dr. Ken Ng, and so many of my constituents for bringing a taste of home (in many ways) to the capitol!
From the live performances to the incredible food and the great company, everyone in attendance enjoyed the flavour of Asian culture!
Happy Asian Heritage Month!

AHM on the Hill

Asian Heritage Month on the Hill is always a special night – and this year was no different!

Tonight, alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, fellow MPs, local community leaders, and incredible performers, we celebrated the rich culture and many contributions of Asian Canadians - while paying tribute to the past.
From building the Canadian Pacific Railway to historic medical breakthroughs, Asian Canadians have made incredible contributions to the Canada we know today. Here’s to the hardworking Asian Canadians, whose impacts are felt from coast to coast coast. Thank you for all you do, and happy Asian Heritage Month!

Hon. Mary Ng's Statement on the YDCSB's decision to not fly the Pride flag

Extremely disappointed to see this decision out of YDCSB, which undermines the dignity, respect, and support that 2SLGBTQI+ youth deserve. To the students of Markham & York Region, our government will always stand with you and defend the right for you to be your authentic self.


Happy Pride Month, Canada! For 2SLGBTQ+ communities and their allies, June is a month of great celebration and reflection on the long journey to inclusion, equality and acceptance.
The right to love who you love was not won overnight – and is a battle that we will continue to fight around the world every day. This is why we march: to celebrate how far we have come and to continue the work for a fairer and more inclusive Canada – for everyone.

May 2023 

Africa Day

May 25th marks Africa Day and the founding of the African Union! Just last week I sat down with Commissioner Muchanga, to see how Canada and the African Union can advance our trade relationship to benefit our workers and strengthen our economic ties. Today, and every day let's celebrate and appreciate the contributions of African Canadians and people of African descent who make invaluable contributions to Canada each and every day!

Anniversary of the Komagata Maru Incident

Today marks the Anniversary of the Komagata Maru Incident. On May 23 1914, 376 passengers of Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and Punjabi origin aboard the Komagata Maru steamship were denied entry to Canada because of the racist immigration policies in place at that time. As a result of being turned away, many of the passengers were imprisoned or killed upon their return to India.

As we reflect on this tragic incident, we must also recognize the impact hard working Canadians of South Asian descent have made and continue to make in shaping Canada into a place of great prosperity and opportunity.

Our rich diversity makes Canada the place that it is, and we will always celebrate it as one of our greatest strengths.


Today is Vesak, one of the most important days in the Buddhist calendar. Also known as Buddha Day, Vesak is a time for self reflection, to express gratitutde and to show respect for Guatama Buddha’s teachings. Wishing all who celebrate a joyous and peaceful Vesak!

Red Dress Day

For far too many Indigenous women and girls, violence is a part of everyday life. That’s why today, on Red Dress Day, we must not only take the time to remember and honour the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) from across Canada – we must also take action. The status quo is unacceptable. That’s why through Budget 2023, our government is investing $125 million to implement the National Action Plan for MMIWG. We listened to survivors, and built a plan that is squarely focused on providing support to everyone affected by the ongoing crisis. No one should have to live in fear of violence. That’s why we’ll never stop fighting for a brighter future for Indigenous women and girls, and for all Canadians.

Markham-Thornhill Federal Volunteer Awards

Volunteers in our community serve hot meals, help out at our hospitals, and so much more! They give us so much, and they deserve recognition for their contributions. If you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding volunteer contributions in our community, please consider nominating them for a Markham-Thornhill Federal Volunteer Award! 

Jewish Heritage Month

Happy Jewish Heritage Month!
Jewish Canadians make significant contributions to the fabric of our community and country.
In Markham-Thornhill, Jewish organizations like the Chabad of Markham provide a welcoming home for all who seek it, and the synagogue always steps up to support community members in need.
This month, let's take the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all the incredible contributions of Jewish Canadians have made, and continue to make, here in our community, and across Canada.
🇨🇦 ✡️

April 2023

Seniors Got Talent

Congratulations to all the talented participants who shined at the Seniors Got Talent show in Markham!
This spectacular event not only showcased the our amazing seniors, but also highlighted the beautiful diversity that thrives in our community of Markham-Thornhill 🇨🇦
As we celebrate Asian Heritage Month, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible contributions that Asian Canadians have made to our country. From rich cultural traditions to exceptional artistry, we are grateful for the impact they have had on our community.
Thank you Xinflix Media and to our seniors for making it so memorable and to my colleague Minister of Seniors Kamal Khera, and MP Paul Chiang and Mayor Scarpitti for co-hosting this event.
Let's continue to honor our seniors, embrace diversity, and cherish the unique talents each one brings to the table. Here's to celebrating our Canadian seniors and Asian Heritage Month!

Armenian Genocide Memorial Day

We must never forget the victims of the Armenian genocide. On Armenian Genocide Memorial Day, we reaffirm our commitment to build a world where everyone can feel safe from discrimination and persecution - no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what they believe.

Yom Ha’atzmaut 

75 years ago, the state of Israel was established. For Jewish Canadians and the Jewish community around the world, the establishment of Israel meant Jewish people had a right to exist, and a place to call home. Since 1948, Canada and Israel have been close friends and allies, connected by a shared commitment to the values of freedom and democracy. We will keep working with our Israeli counterparts to promote a just and lasting peace in the middle east. Wishing all who are celebrating a Yom Ha’atzmaut Sameach!
Middlefield Seniors Wellness Club
Happy new year! Puthandu, or Tamil New Year, marks the first day of the Tamil calendar. For Tamil Canadians, this occasion is a time for friends, family, and neighbors to gather together and celebrate–and that’s exactly what we did at the Middlefield Seniors Wellness Club today! Thank you to the Middlefield Seniors Wellness Club for hosting this wonderful celebration, and for bringing so much joy to so many seniors in our community.

Connecting GTA Networking Event

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy. Connecting GTA helps bring them together by providing a forum for networking and the sharing of ideas. While speaking with 20 different business leaders and entrepreneurs at a Connecting GTA event in Markham, I heard a lot about the challenges facing our business community here in Markham-Thornhill, and spoke about what our government is doing to address them. We're supporting an enviornment where business leaders and entrepreneurs have the tools and resources they need to start-up and scale-up their businesses, so everyone can benefit from a strong economy. Through Budget 2023, we're lowering credit card fees so small business owners can keep more money in their pockets, and supporting entrepreneurs through intiatives like the Women's Entrepreneurship Strategy. We will keep investing in Canadains' success, so we can maintain a strong economy now and into the future.


York Region Centre for Community Safety Visit

Intimate partner violence is lived reality for far too many people in Markham-Thornhill. Thanks to the great work of the staff at the York Region Centre for Community Safety, those affected by this type of violence can access support and resources right here in Markham. A huge thank you for the important services you provide for our community and beyond!


Eid at ISM

On April 21st, I had the great privilage of joining members of Markhams's Muslim community for Eid prayer at the Islamic Society of Markham (ISM). Despite recent hate-motivated incidents here at ISM and elsewhere in Markham-Thornhill, our Muslim community remains hopeful, strong and resilient. I will always stand with our Muslim community, and want to thank them for their ongoing contributions to Markham. Wishing all those celebrating a joyful and blessed celebration.  Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak! 


York Region Liberal Caucus Breakfast

Felt like I was back in my riding this morning of Markham -Thornhill - welcome to Ottawa to all colleagues from York Region!
We discussed how Budget 2023 is delivering for Canadians - by making life more affordable, investing in healthcare and creating good, green jobs. Thank you to all who came up to Ottawa, I know we will continue to work hard together for the people of York Region.


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yom HaShoah, also known as Holocaust Rememberance Day, is a day to honour the legacy of the 6 million Jews who were systematically murdered during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was one of the darkest chapters of human history, and it is incumbent upon all of us to make sure that it never happens again. We'll keep investing in holocaust education, fighting back against anti-semitism, and standing up for the values of inclusion and diversity.


Dim Sum in Markham with members of our Chinese community, MPs, and Justin Trudeau

One of the best things about my job is working alongside my colleague MPs, some of the hardest working people I know who get up each and every day in service of their constituents and Canada. Really terrific to enjoy some delicious Chinese food with @jeanyip3 @paulchiangmu @shaunchenmp and our Prime Minister last night. Seems the diners in the restaurant were keen to say hello to their PM too!


Visit to St. Mark's Coptic Church with Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and I joined members of Markham’s vibrant Coptic Orthodox community to celebrate Orthodox Easter at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Markham. St.Mark’s Cathedral is a pillar in our community providing congregants with a place to practice their faith. It is where the Coptic community comes together for celebrations and in times of need. During the summer, St. Mark’s is a place of learning and opportunity where I see the enthusiasm of students gaining meaningful employment through the Canada Summer Jobs program and so much more. I want to extend my gratitude to St Mark’s Cathedral for inviting us. Happy Orthodox Easter!


Happy Vaisakhi!

For Sikhs across Canada, Vaisakhi marks the beginning of the harvest season, and is a sacred time of spiritual renewal and celebration. Wishing my friends, neighbors and Canadians from coast to coast a very happy Vaisakhi!


Happy Easter!

For Christian families across Canada, Easter Sunday is a day to reconnect with loved ones, enjoy a delicious meal, and experience a renewed sense of hope for the future. Wishing all who celebrate a very Happy Easter!


Happy Passover!

Chag Pesach Sameach! On April 5th, Jewish communities across Canada and around the world began their Passover celebrations. During Passover, it is important for us to reflect on the significant contributions Jewish Canadians have made to Canada, and to remember that we all have a collective responsibility to combat anti-semtisim. Wishing my friends, neighbors and all who celebrate a blessed Passover with friends and loved ones.


Iftar hosted by the Islamic Society of Markham 

Thank you to my Muslim neighbours at the Islamic Society of Markham for inviting me to your wonderful iftar!
The Muslim community in Markham have made important contributions to our community. Ramadan is a time of prioritizing acts of goodwill to the community, values which Markham - Thornhill Muslims and Canadians carry around with them all year.
Meeting with the Markham Board of Trade's CEO and Board Members  

The Markham Board of Trade works hard to support our local business community and today I stopped by to talk about how our government is doing the same through #Budget2023.
Budget 2023 was the result of speaking with Canadians in meetings like these, at coffee shops, and over the phone. As a result, we cut credit card fees, junk fees, and are making life more affordable so they can put their money towards what counts.
Community voices matter, and I will always take the opportunity to listen to them.
Meeting with the Canadian Tamils' Chamber of Commerce
Great to connect with so many members of the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) this April.By providing education, networking opportunities and more, the CTCC does so much to empower Tamil entrepreneurs and small business owners within our community. Supporting small business owners is a goal that both our government and the CTCC share, and that's why through Budget 2023, we’re lowering credit card fees so small business owners can take home more of their hard earned profits.
Sikh Heritage Month
April marks Sikh Heritage Month. Sikhs embody the values of equality and selfless service, making important contributions to Markham-Thornhill. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know members of Gursikh Sabha Canada, and I am always amazed by their incredible commitment to making our community a better place. Happy Sikh Heritage Month!

Project Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of giving and charity. Today, I joined the dedicated volunteers of Project Ramadan and Muslim Welfare Canada who are assembling food baskets to distribute to families in need across Ontario.
Project Ramadan supports families with staple food items during Ramadan, so that everyone in need has food on their plate when the sun sets. Thank you to all the volunteers for the tremendous work you do.

March 2023

Canadians of Pakistani Origin (COPO) Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

When devastating earthquakes struck Türkiye and Syria, our government and Canadians from coast to coast stepped up to provide much needed resources and aid. Last night, it was clear that the same generous spirit is alive and well here in Markham-Thornhill at the Canadians Of Pakistani Origin - COPO Iftar fundraiser. A big thank you to COPO and to everyone who came out to support those affected by the earthquakes. Ramadan Mubarak!


The evening of March 22nd marks the beginning of Ramadan for Muslim communities across Canada, a sacred and significant month of fasting, prayer, and spiritual development. I extend my heartfelt wishes to all families in Markham-Thornhill and throughout the country who are observing Ramadan. May this time bring you profound spiritual growth and fulfillment. Ramadan Mubarak!



During Nowruz, people from Markham-Thornhill and around the world gather together to celebrate the New Year, and new beginnings. To all who celebrate, I hope Nowruz brings you a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the year ahead. Happy Nowruz!


International Day to Combat Islamophobia

March 15th marks the International Day to Combat Islamophobia. Muslim Canadians contribute so much to our country, but unfortunately, Islamophobia is something they experience all too often. We appointed Amira Elghawaby as Canada’s first ever Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia to help us change that. Our government will never be afraid to take bold steps in pursuit of a more inclusive and just future for all Canadians.


Chabad of Markham's 36th Anniversary

For over 36 years, the Chabad of Markham has been a pillar of the community, providing support, guidance, and a welcoming home for all who seek it. Today, we celebrated alongside Rabbi Plotkin and his dedicated community members, who have made invaluable contributions to the fabric of Markham. Wishing Rabbi Plotkin, members of the Chabad, and all Jewish Canadians a joyous Passover celebration.


Weekend Skate

A big thank you to all my friends and neighbors who stopped by the Markham Civic Centre for a skate and hot chocolate! It’s always a pleasure to spend time in our community and connect with the people who make it so great.


International Women's Day 

Women are trailblazers, activists, leaders, and so much more. Today, and every day, let us celebrate women’s contributions, stand up for women’s rights, and listen to women’s voices. Happy International Women's Day to all of the incredible women who make our communities, our economy, and our country what it is.



March 8th marks Holi, a Hindu celebration that is also known as the festival of colours. I want to wish all Hindu Canadians a joyous Holi, and thank you for your important contributions to our country. 



Wishing all my constituents and members of the Jewish community across Canada a happy Purim! May this special holiday bring you moments of reflection, gratitude and celebration. Chag Purim Sameach!


February 2023

One year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine War

One year ago today, Russia launched an illegal invasion of Ukraine. We honor the grit and unwavering resolve of Ukranians, and are proud to stand in solidarity with Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty. We will never stop standing up for Ukrainians.


My Magical Cherish Love

Had a great afternoon connecting with my constituents at the My Magical Cherish Love event in Markham today. A big thank you to Cherish Integrated Services for hosting this charity concert and for all the important work you do supporting individuals and families within our community.

Black History Month

Black history month is a time to celebrate the many contributions and accomplishments Black Canadians have made and continue to make in our country and our community. Thank you to all of the incredible Black-Canadian leaders in Markham-Thornhill working to make our community a better and more inclusive place.

January 2023

Tamil Heritage Month & Thai Pongal

Tamil Canadians continue to enrich our communities and make our country greater. I would like to wish the Tamil community, here and abroad, a very happy Tamil Heritage Month & Thai Pongal. 

Lunar New Year 

Happy Lunar New Year! This is the time for families and friends across Canada to gather and celebrate new beginnings and reflect on our goals for the coming year. It’s also a time to recognize the many contributions Asian Canadians have made, and continue to make, to our country. From my family to yours, I want to wish you a healthy, prosperous and peaceful Lunar New Year!

Taking Action Against Racism

In January, myself and countless Canadians from across the country observed the National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We observed these days to keep the memory of those who lost their lives alive, to stand in solidarity with victims and their families, and to take a stand against racism in all its forms. Combatting racism is the responsibility of all of us, and we must always call out hate for what it is.


New Year's Levee

The New Year's Levee is an opportunity to come together with the community and celebrate the New Year. Thank you all for attending, and to my constituents in Markham-Thornhill, I wish you a very happy 2023! 

November 2022

Markham Santa Claus Parade

Today, the holiday spirit of our community was on full display during the Markham Santa Claus Parade, as we walked through the streets along with over 100 floats!
Every year, I look forward to this tradition, that officially kicks off the festive season.
Happy holidays! 🎄❄️

October 2022

Women's History Month

This Women’s History Month, I am reflecting on all the incredible women who paved the way and who’ve contributed so much to our country. Women like Viola Desmond who championed equality, and Dr. Emily Stowe who was the first female physician in Canada and who advocated for a woman's right to vote, and the incredible women entrepreneurs I have met with around the world who are breaking down barriers. These women inspire us to ensure that we are building a future with equal opportunities for generations to come.


October 6th marks, Dusshera, a Hindu holiday marking the triumph of right over wrong. This morning as Piyush Goyal and I met to work on our early progress free trade agreement, I wished him a happy celebration, and I wish all Hindus in Canada and around the world the same.

Yom Kippur

On October 4th at sundown, Jewish Canadians in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada will come together in prayer and solemn reflection to mark the beginning of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.
To all observing, I wish you a G'Mar Chatima Tova.

September 2022

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

On this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we reflect on the lasting impacts of residential schools and remember the children who never came home. Our government remains committed to walking down this path together - acknowledging the past and working towards healing and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.
Along with the City of Markham, we gathered to honour the survivors of residential schools and their families. I ask that you take some time out of your day today, and every day, to reflect, recognize and remember the history of the residential school system and its impact on Indigenous communities and our collective history.

Canada Summer Jobs Program

This year, more than 140,000 jobs were created through the Canada Summer Jobs program for youth, and over 570 of them were located right here in Markham-Thornhill!
Our government is focused on ensuring that young people are given equitable opportunities to find meaningful work, setting them up for a bright and successful future.

Rosh Hashanah

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 (VIDEO)

August 2022

Tamil Fest 2022

Tamil Fest 2022 is the largest Tamil Street Festival outside of the Indian subcontinent, and it is taking place right here in our community! The Tamil community has a rich culture and history which was on full display yesterday through world-class Tamil entertainment, exhibits and traditional Tamil cuisine!

Markham Carnival

"Let youth thrive," is the theme of this year's Markham Carnival. Throughout the month, the Carnival is raising funds that will provide empowering and engaging programs for children and youth to promote their health and holistic wellness. Our youth are our future, and it is so important that we continue to support them however possible so they can achieve all of their goals, and become our community leaders of tomorrow!

Vedic Cultural Centre 25th Anniversary

Congratulations to the Vedic Cultural Centre on their 25th anniversary celebration.
For decades, the Arya Samaj of Markham (and then Vedic) brought people together to celebrate Indian heritage, culture, faith, food and language and they exemplified the very best of a multicultural Canada.  
Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration
Recently we presented members of the community with Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medals to thank them for their significant contributions to Markham-Thornhill. Keep up the amazing work!
Immigration Townhall
The townhall hosted by Markham United was a great opportunity to hear what matters most from constituents about immigration, and to discuss how we can work together on solutions going forward.
Under the Banyan Tree
Under the Banyan Tree is making life more accessible to those who need it most. They’ve been helping people in the York Region reach their full potential since 2003, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.
Vision Youth
For 20 years, Vision Youth Leadership Program has been instrumental in lifting up young people in our community, developing their confidence, helping build character, and creating leaders of tomorrow, today.
Across U-Hub
The mural you see transcends community, painted by Chinese-Canadian youth from past and present through Across U-hub.
Together, we’re leaving our mark on Markham.
St. Mark's Coptic Church
St. Marks Coptic Church has been a pillar in our community for many years. Together, we discussed our government’s $10/day childcare agreement, and how we can continue to make life more affordable for our young people and families in Markham-Thornhill.
Cherish Integrated Services
"Cherish each person with uniqueness, and integrate each life with community."
This is the motto of Cherish Integrated Services in Markham, and today I had the pleasure of meeting with President Ivy Lam for an update on the great work they are doing in our community.
Markham Multicultural Centre
Work is underway at the Markham Multicultural Centre to create a state of the art facility for our whole community to enjoy.
Thank you Harvey Fung for the tour !
WIN Power
When we invest in women, we invest in our communities—and that's something WIN power knows all about. They're empowering Toronto's diverse women through educational tools, networking opportunities, and informative seminars that will grow their skillset.
Co-founder Emily Li and I are passionate about removing systemic barriers and opening doors to equal participation in the economy.
Chabad of Markham
Jewish Canadians have contributed greatly to our community here in Markham-Thornhill and across Canada.
Thanks to Rabbi Plotkin for sharing insights from the community on ways to keep working together to fight antisemitism and racism, and to build a stronger and safer community for everyone.  
It was especially wonderful to meet this year’s summer camp counsellors who are benefiting from the Canada Summer Jobs program.
Korah Ltd.
Meet Jessica and Rachel, summer students working for Korah Ltd. developing IT solutions, learning about digital transformations for businesses!
They're two of over 570 youth in Markham-Thornhill who have quality summer jobs through our government's Canada Summer Jobs Program!

July 2022

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Whether you were born here, or now choose to call this land home, let’s reflect today on this vibrant and diverse country, and continue to work together to build a better future - for everyone. #canadaday

Youth Council Park Clean Up Day

The Markham-Thornhill Youth Council recently hosted a park clean-up day at Milne Dam Conservation Park!
Thank you for keeping our park clean, so it can be enjoyed by the whole community!

June 2022

Pride Toronto

The energy and love felt at Pride Toronto was amazing! Today and every day, we commit to building a country where everyone is free to be who they are and love who they love. Happy Pride everyone!

Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia is a special celebration I look forward to every year and it is great to be back in person together. The spirit of this event has always brought our community together to deal with the toughest of times as well as celebrate the good ones. The delicious food and beautiful cultural performances never disappoint. Thank you, and congratulations to the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham - FCCM and APMC for hosting and organizing such a great event!

Canada Day Lawn Signs

Markham's Ms. Marvel

Markham's own Iman Vellani is soaring to new heights (literally) as Marvel’s first-ever Muslim superhero! Iman stars as Ms. Marvel, a superhero fan with a huge imagination in the hit series, Ms. Marvel, on Disney Plus. Great work, Iman!

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